The anti-UV clothing and swimwear range for girls consists of romantic, playful and buttery-soft pieces with a second-skin effect. The range has been adapted to perfectly suit the beach or city life: playtime and every-day life.
There are cover-up pieces, such as one-piece swimsuits and close-fitting tops with long sleeves, which reflect MIEL MELBA’s values on skin protection; and lighter pieces, such as bikinis. The range allows for the combination of dreamy bikinis, sporty zipped jackets and off-road swim leggings for an inspired and playful look.  

Miel Melba offers unique and exiting anti-UV clothing and swimwear for boys too. Designed for comfort and to accommodate sports activities, the boys’ range is built around elegant buttoned basics, sporty zip jackets and bermudas. The cover-up basics are made with second-skin or textured fabrics in bold colours; the bermudas are made from velvet-touch fabrics in exotic and faded colours.

The anti-UV sleeves and leggings are refreshing looks that also protect; they are suitable for all occasions, including bathing, swimming and surfing…

MIEL MELBA’s sun-protective clothing fits into the world of today's boys perfectly.