The Girl's Cloakroom of anti-uv clothes and swimsuits for child is adorned with romantic parts, mischievous, sweetened, second skin, adapted to a daily between city and beach, conformity and play.
The pieces are at the same time covering, in correlation with MIEL MELBA values around skin protection, with 1-piece swimsuits, close-fitting tops with long sleeves ; but also lighter, inviting to a coordination between dreamy bikinis, sporty zipped jackets or off-road swim leggings for an inspired and playful look. 

The Boy's Cloakroom also offers unique pieces of clothing and swimwear for children.
Dedicated to relaxation and sporting practices, the Boy's Cloakroom is built around elegant buttoned basics, sporty zip jackets and second skin, colorblock or textured and velvet touch bermudas in exotic and faded colors.

Accessories such as sleeves and leg warmers invite you into the looks for more protection, and follow-up in the moments of life and disciplines swim, surf...

MIEL MELBA clothing is easily transposed into the world of today's boys.