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La Maison Miel Melba

MIEL MELBA is a swimwear and
lifestyle brand, aiming for sun
protection with certified anti-UV 
fabrics. This label founded by Sophie
Boulhaut and Anne Schulz, proposes
a sweetened cloakroom, worn on bare
skin, to mix and match at leisure, for
women, men and children.

The permanent collection
is a romantic, sport-inspired vestiaire,
revisiting basics and stylish shaper cuts,
in delicate mattes and satin second skin fabrics.
combines Land, Water and Air
in a visual panorama of southern flowers,
wild woods and lush waters.
Each piece was tested anti-UV UPF 50+
by the Institut Français du Textile et
de l’Habillement -IFTH- according to
AS/NZS 4399:1996.


The Cut

This cloakroom features slim and second skin styles, working both in effective shaper cuts, resolutely aesthetic but still functional and high-performing for sport practice.
The cuts have shapewear virtues.

For the woman, the covered, basic or romantic 1piece swimsuits with piquant details, wavy ruffles, ribbed tippings meet wild bikini sets and chic and globetrotter basics.

For the man, fitted-tops are anchored in a retro and athletic look, adorned with elegant Tunisian collars and together with minimal shorts or surfer boardshorts.
In addition, leg protects designed in tonal fabrics and colors are some possible accessories to match with sun exposure or fresh summer nights.

MIEL MELBA overplays the
shock of textures in a stylistic
The smooth skin, moss
stitch and lurex fabrics feature
mattes, washed out or satin
shades, the velvet touch-chain
stitches, selected among the best
fabrics from the Finest swimwear
trade, overlap, echo and
contribute to develop inspired
and relevant patchwork looks.
The shimmering textures are
visually seducing and rejoice
with other qualities: softness and
warmth adhering perfectly to the

The Colorama
The colors of the season express a journey of senses, that is sugary, radiant, 
honey-like, and down to earth, taken from personal inspirations, and memories of Asia and South America.
The pieces of the collection explore blue-toned and 
mineral shades Blu Bahia, Blu Latte; piquant colors and sensual Sunset Bae, Red Camelia; pastels Mimosa Dream, Blu Latte; a creamy white Marshmallow and green nuances, deep, wild or nacreous Matcha Cream, Green Jungle and Green Lurex.  

The Creators

Sophie followed courses in a prestigious French 
Business School, then turned to Contemporary Interior Design as store manager for 10 years. 
An entrepreneur-spirited woman, Anne has 
a 20 year experience in management. So, challenge and negotiation are strong
to her.
Following a personal experience and a
sharp awareness of UVA risks, they decide to
work together to turn this issue in a positive
manner. In 2016, they create their anti-UVA
chic and alluring beachwear brand:

Travelling all over the world to experiment
new cultures, get inspired
and find out new ideas,
they claim for a sensitive,
timeless and versatile high-end label.