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UPF50+ designs

MIEL MELBA is a swimwear & lifestyle brand registered in a protective approach with materials certified anti-UV. 

The UV protection of each piece has been tested against UV UPF 50+ by the French Institute of Textile and Clothing -IFTH- according to AS / NZS 4399: 1996, UPF 50+, report number 17-00799. 

By redesigning the body, MIEL MELBA puts the protection of the body at the heart of its DNA. The cloakroom features "bathing" and "beachwear" covering pieces in addition to lighter models. The brand reinvents the anti-UV product, turning it into a seductive, exotic and refined piece, dedicated to a unique customer experience. 

Our engagements 

In accordance with the values of its creators, MIEL MELBA claims a wardrobe exclusively anti-UV, tested according to the measurement of the UV protection index AS / NZS 4399 (1996) with a UPF 50+ protection level, which gives each of parts a quality label. 

Each fabric was first chosen for its protective properties, claimed by Italian technical labels of confidence, then certified, confirmed by the French Textile and Clothing Institute -IFTH-. 

Also, the designers are proud to present a collection whose fabrics are certified OEKO-TEX®, integrating into a respectful approach for the skin and the environment.

The materials

The chain and weft fabric "velvet touch", selected from the best fabrics in the bath sector, overlap, echo, and contribute to develop inspired and relevant patchwork looks. 

The range of textures is shimmering, uniting shades, softness and warmth, always adhering perfectly to the skin. The cloakroom is well suited for outdoor sports activities. Running, swimming and surfing have always been sources of inspiration in the process of creating the product. The rendering offers comfort and assurance, easily transposed from the bath to the city, essential concept of the brand Miel Melba. 

The materials have all been selected for their great technical qualities anti-UV, second skin effect and breathable. They provide protection and comfort to each model in the MIEL MELBA Vestiaire.

Made in Europe 

Miel Melba has chosen a European production in a concern of quality, values and ethics. 

The brand imagines its collections in France, sources its fabrics in the most famous Italian manufactures and entrusts its manufacture, in Portugal, to a manufacturer specializing in technical and precious materials.